Revisiting Early Rodeo work with Modern Software

When I started shooting the Double M Rodeo we were still in the early days of digital photography. My Nikon D2H and D2Hs were some awesome workhorses back then, unfortunately the image they produced was less than five megapixels. Combine that tiny image with the camera's extremely poor light sensitivity and I was really challenged to capture image without a flash. Converting the photos to black and white was often my only choice and in turn the stark black and white images in many ways became my signature look. Having been raised on black and white combat photos from Life Magazine I wasn't bothered by this; but yearned for real color images.

I have been combing through some of my lowest light images from the Double M Rodeo 2011 using the current version of Adobe Lightroom and the results are amazing! I still love my black and white images, but you can now compare them to their actual full color versions.