Double M Rodeo - Hung Up On His Rope

The sun was burning hot Saturday at the Schaghticoke Fair. By the time Ian Dressler got onto that big old bull in the chute it had to be around 86 degrees - which a Florida cowgirl informed me: "ain't nothing".

Ian's ride looked like it was going to take home a big check when as it often does the ride went wrong. If Ian just bucked off he'd likely just end up with a bruise and no paycheck, but his gloved hand got caught up in his ropes and the the bull started to take him for a drag. About a dozen different cowboys sized up the situation and they all came up with the same answer; action! If you aren't familiar with this fine sport what everyone is attempting to do is release the riders hand or the rope that is around the bulls chest. Now just so you know Mr. Dressler made it out just fine; minus his entry fees.

I'll let the pictures say the rest, but before I do... I sure am proud to work with these folks.