Great Food at the Washington County NY Fair!

I love the Washington County Fair and it's only miles from my house. I managed to slip over yesterday and stuff myself full of a bunch of my favorite foods from the various stands. The fair still has a few days left so here's where I suggest you eat... Don't mind those crazy clouds; the weather was and is great.

Dan's Moby Dick's Fish Fry.  Hand's down my favorite year after year. Huge portions, friendly and super clean. Clam roll is probably my favorite thing ever! There are two trailers at the fair and both are equally good. For six bucks you get a cod fish fry as big as a whale. Four bucks for an awesome clam roll.

Here is one I will never be able to try as I'm very lactose intolerant. I hear lot's of buzz about this mozzarella stick that this woman was kind enough to pose with. Of course I forgot to ask where she got it. These things are enormous; I don't know how anyone could finish one.

Argyle, NY Fire House. This is an institution. The Argyle chicken dinner is so popular that they ran out the day before at 6pm! Firemen and Forewomen man the giant grills in the back as the most incredible chicken scented smoke billows from this place. Park yourself next to a stranger at one of the green picnic tables and enjoy some truly great chicken.

Ice Cream at The 4-H. Two dollars for a very generous hard ice cream cone is a great deal and in the afternoon heat it's just what the doctor ordered! Everybody loves ice cream.

Sugar Fritter. United Methodist Church Greenwich. The best of all the fried dough category by a long shot. I have to admit that I don't like funnel cake, but these fried doughs are awesome!

The Maple Sugar Building. What do I need to say about maple syrup locally produced from tree to bottle? Be sure to try the maple sugar cotton candy.

4-H Food Booth. I always get a hot dog from the 4-H Food Booth. $1.50 buys you a nice griddled hot dog and it's great watching these adorable little kids work the counter taking and bringing orders. The 4-H Food booth has plenty of other great stuff to eat as well but the hot dog is tradition for me.

"Deep Fried". This was my big surprise of the fair with the deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I've had a lot of disappointment from booths deep frying stuff. The food is often greasy, frozen or cold in the middle and difficult to digest. Not so at this deep fry joint just off of the main bleachers.

The deep fried PBJ was fantastic! The jelly was warm and rich as the peanut butter had become the most delicious near liquid; all this wrapped in a delicate outer shell of crispy batter and powdered sugar. "Deep Fried" has definitely changed my mind on deep fried novelty foods. In fact I can't stop thinking about that deep fried sandwich.