Double M Rodeo - Barrel Wreck

When I saw my first barrel race back in 2010 a woman wrecked turning the first can. I immediately put my camera down in concern and respect for the injured. It was gnarly! This woman and her horse slammed into the barrel and horse and rider went down in a terrifying tangle of limbs dirt and sound.

My pop is a doctor and my mom a nurse and they raised me to help not gawk! I mean what kind of creepy ghoul would take photos of someone in distress? I waited a few long moments as other cowgirls ran to aid the rider and her horse.

Well I was real shocked when this pretty cowgirl got back up, dusted herself off, hopped back on that horse and rode up to me; "tell me you got those pictures?"!

Six years down the road I keep that camera up to my eye and line those wreck shots up! So I know there are a lot of people looking to see this barrel racer hit the packed dirt like a bag of wet cement. Don't worry folks, she's ok and I'm sure we will see her rocking the cans this Friday night at the Double M Rodeo!