Tying Your Bull Ropes and the Myth of the Testicles

Bull riders spend a great deal of time preparing their ropes before they ever go around the bull's torso. Once the bull rider's rope is ready it still has to go around several tons of ill tempered beef. Looping that rider's rope and getting the ropes just so can mean the difference between taking home a check or an ugly wreck. It's not an easy job and safety is always a concern, so it takes a couple of experienced rodeo hands to be sure the job is done right.

Now I have heard a lot of folks ask me about tying the bulls testicles. I assure you - NO ONE - ANYWHERE - DOES ANYTHING TO ANY ANIMALS TESTICLES AT THE RODEO!!! IT IS JUST A CRAZY MYTH!!!

I'll save you a graphic photo (just trust me) but that would take a hell of a lot of rope!    Second; there wouldn't be a man or women left alive at the rodeo after attempting that stunt! I've seen and heard of some crazy and reckless dares at the rodeo but NOBODY is crazy enough to tie up a bull's testicles!!!

Now as you see; the only one's suffering in the bull riding event are the riders!