Four Goats in Three Photos

I don't mean to start any trouble; but I do believe that the Washington County Fair is in fact the very best fair ever! The livestock are so plentiful and the facilities couldn't be nicer for both people and animals. When I get to the fair I always head straight for my favorite attraction; the goats.

Here are a few random goat shots from the Washington County NY Fair. I've always wanted a goat or two but my wife has pointed out that owning goats would be less than practice.

Be sure to see all of the crazy goats if you visit the fair this August. There are tons of cute and cuddly goats along with some of those crazy goats that scream and butt. If you have kids it's great to watch them interact with these wacky farm animals. I sure do love the crazy goats and all of their antics. Now that's my kind of animal; fiesty !