Mandy's Hotdog's - Best Hotdog Ever?

Just off Rt. 4 two blocks East on CR 40 in Hudson Falls, NY is a real hidden gem called Mandy's. They make subs, pizza and their own rolls as well as their legendary finger rolls. This is key; the bun.

Mandy's as I said makes their own bun then prepares it in the pizza oven. this is unlike any bun I have ever had. It's so good words fail me; just insert one of those sounds Homer Simpson makes when he sees something delicious.

Mandy's fills the bun with a perfectly cooked White Eagle hotdog their special homemade chili sauce, mustard and onions. You must order "the works" the combination is hotdog perfection.

Mandy's is one of these joints that ought to be on a food show and it's hard to believe that it remains a humble local favorite. Now get on down to Mandy's and prepare to experience what might be "the best hotdog ever"!

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Mandy's Pizza and Subs