Cowboy Up - Walking Out On Your Feet

It was my second night ever at the Double M Rodeo when I saw one of the worst and most inspiring things in my life. This was the first of many times I have seen that quality that makes me so proud to be involved with the rodeo; when the chips are down these people have your back.

Bronc buster Jeremy Wilson got thrown off his bronc into that rough iron fence and it tore his scalp half off. There was such a terrible sound; I will never forget it. A bunch of cowboys will flew into action to save an fallen rider. Across the fence injured bronc buster Zach Martin shadowed the group on crutches as the EMT came in to aid Jeremy who lay eerily still.

Amazingly Jeremy came to and as is the cowboy way he walked out of the ring on his own! If that were not enough he was able to give a defiant fist up to the crowd to reassure them that he would be ok. That's "Cowboy Up"!

So that was my second night ever at the rodeo; after that I was hooked. I had done and seen some thrilling stuff back in the punk rock days but nothing like this! Luckily I haven't seen anything quite so bad since; well not THIS BAD anyway.