Double M Rodeo 2014 - Jeremy Wilson Bronc Buster

A few years back I watched Jeremy Wilson walk out of the ring on his own two feet. A group of cowboys surrounded him in solidarity as a bronc rider on crutches followed on the other side of the fence. With one hand Jeremy Wilson waved to the crowd with a crooked smile to reassure them, but the other hand held a blue handkerchief now dyed entirely red with the blood pouring from his scalp which was ripped on the iron fence.

Having half your scalp torn off on an iron fence wasn't enough to stop this smiling cowboy and he was back riding saddle bronc the next year along with one crazy scar (see my portraits section - this scar is nuts!).

Wilson was back again for the 2014 season at the Double M Rodeo and he did not disappoint.

I can't really describe his riding style other than to say that it defies physics. It's as if up and down are not things that affect this bronc buster.

Well I'm not here to talk about Jeremy, but to show you this great bit of showmanship at the end of his eight seconds. You have to love a guy who can ride rough stock and bring a little bit of "show" to the rodeo at the same time. Mind you he started this by landing on his feet off the bronc!