Voss - Utica NY Barbeque

All the way back in the 1930s my dad would bicycle all the way from New York Mills to buy a snack at Voss in Yorkville (Utica), NY. Now over seventy five years later we still try to manage one of Voss' unique "barbeque" sandwiches if my pop is in town.

Voss offers plenty of other food, but what you need to order is this one of a kind Utica style barbeque sandwich. My poor wife a native Texan was clearly shocked at "Utica BBQ", but what can I say; it's ours and we love it.

The sandwich actually consists of a soft griddled bun, sliced meats - ham, pork, beef or turkey, BBQ sauce, pickles, onion and pickle relish. The combination is really fantastic and be sure to grab extra napkins because you will have sauce all over when you dig into one of these gems.

Erie St. + Oriskany Boulevard Yorkville, NY 13495

Phone number (315) 736-9760