Upcoming Rodeo Galleries

I was having a crazy case of "photo block", but it has passed and I have begun the huge task of editing the 2015 Double M Rodeo season.

I am working on a few new galleries for the website running on some common themes I encounter at the Double M.

The Darkness - For the first gallery I will be building a collection of photos depicting the eerie silence and tension from behind the chutes. The specular lights and summer heat translate to a series of dark and dramatic images of cowgirls bunching up before their barrel runs and the young bull riders stretching and preparing their ropes.


Believer - The second gallery that I will be presenting is on prayer and faith.  Prayer is serious business with lives at risk both man and beast. Not all of us are Christians; but at the rodeo we all pray to Jesus Christ and ask him for his mercy. That's just the way it is.

Happy to Be Here - Finally there will be lots of smiles! When I showed up five years ago I have to admit a smile did not come easy to me. The rodeo changed that with all of the smiling happy people. The rodeo is a place to put down your troubles for a few hours and celebrate, see friends and family and maybe even win a few bucks to put back into your gas tank for next week.