Washington County Fair 2016 - Midway Rides at Night

At the back of the Washington County Fair lies the midway. At night here is a magic in the air here. Music blares from crackling loudspeakers and barkers call out to the fair goers as the hot breeze tinged with tractor exhaust blows across the field. Children and parents both stare off at the flashing spinning attractions and are filled with wonder in the humid August night.

Washington County Fair 2016 - Fair Food

No end of great food at the Washington County Fair. A friend sent me to "Mr. Spuds" who I had never payed a second glance. Well, Mr. Spud makes a real French fry not those soggy oily half cooked noodles. These fries are super thin, crispy with a steamy pillowy center; the real deal. It sure is nice to find someone dedicated to doing it right.

Well, fries are just one of the many culinary gems we can find so here is a selection of other food and food related photos...

Washington County Fair - Antique Tractors

I spent some time photographing the amazing antique tractors at the Washington County Fair. There were possibly one hundred antique tractors in various shape but all of them run! The tractors are all part of the Northeast Antique Truck and Tractor Club who really put some hard work into this amazing working exhibit.

Washington County Fair 2016 Super Cute Pigs

I spent a few days at the Washington County Fair last week and as usual the fair was just awesome! I love meeting all of the people and seeing the exhibits. The Washington County Fair is all about agriculture and they do it right since the Washington County, NY is so deeply steeped in the work that feeds this country. As always there was a mother pig and her piglets on display for kids to pet. The piglets were super cute and when they weren't pulled up to mom to feed they were doing all sorts of antics. These little pigs are so cute even sleeping was enough to elicit "awwws". Though the piglets are meant for the kids I observed twice as many adults and teens fawning all over the little babies.